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Prime Rib Rub

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Our recipe for Prime Rib Rub was developed in conjunction with one of the top chefs in the northwest. There's nothing like a well seasoned prime rib dinner to make an occasion special, Now you can get that sumptuous prime rib flavor without going to a fancy restaurant. Try Starlight's tasty Prime Rib Rub for the perfect rib every time. This blend of black pepper, garlic, onion, rosemary, spices, and a dash of salt yields a complex and enjoyable medley of flavors, just like you'd get at your favorite steak house. Not only great on prime rib, but roasted chicken and pork as well. Or sprinkle on roasted vegetables for a savory taste.

About 2 hours before cooking time (or overnight if possible), rub generously on the rib roast and under the bone & fat cap. Brown the roast at 400 until the fat starts to render, then reduce the heat to 325.  Allow about 15 minutes per pound for medium rare, or until the internal temperature is about 125. Seasoning will penetrate the meat and add that delicious flavor throughout the roast. Remember that the roast will continue to cook even after it is removed from the oven. Tent roast with foil and let sit for 15-20 minutes.

Also terrific on all types of beef and pork. Starlight uses only the best ingredients; gluten-free & pesticide free.